What's Up Employee Surveys

Build Your Own Surveys

Our flexible surveys give you meaningful insights and instant feedback, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively.


How it Works

Register & Survey Set Up

As soon as you register and process your payment, you'll be able to create your surveys with our easy to use survey builder tool and generate your custom survey URL. Build your questions from various answer patterns such as Yes/No, 5 Scale or Comment Box.

Distribute Your Survey URL

You’ll get a link to your survey that you then share with your customers or employees through your regular communication channels. You can also provide a one time use code so surveyees cannot take the survey multiple times.

Surveyees Respond

It's easy to set up by department, groups or locations. Your customers or employees answer your survey questions and can even leave comments, giving you even more detailed feedback.

See Your Results in Real Time

Your dashboard shows cumulative information as well as a daily view so you can see trends or specific days by department, location or group.

Only $99

Your survey subscription will remain active for one year. During that year, you can build up to 5 surveys and reuse your surveys as many times as you like. You can add-on special packages to increase number of surveys. There is no limit as to the number of questions per survey.

The Survey

Whats Up surveys consist of different answer patterns that you choose.

Build your survey and choose from a menu of Yes/No, 5 Scale or Comment Box.

The 5 Scale questions have a fixed answer pattern and are worded so that 'Strongly Agree' is the desired answer. This consistency allows us to provide an overall pulse score so you can quickly see the status of your organization.

Our platform allows you to create your own custom question patterns which allows you to tailor the survey to your business or industry. You can also build questions by groups/departments so that responses are organized. Plus you can choose to have it an open survey, or provide a one time use code so surveyees cannot take the survey multiple times.

Our dashboard gives you real-time results and answers. You do not need a separate software to intrepret, view or graph results.


How many times can a customer or employees use the link?

The link doesn’t change and is constantly active and available as long as your subscription remains current. There is an optional one time use code function available so surveyees cannot take the survey multiple times.

Are customers or employees anonymous or do they include their name?

Surveys are anonymous by default, however if they would like to share their name, they are able to.

How soon will I get my link to get started?

It's automatic - as soon as you finish registering and setting up your survey, you will receive a custom link for your survey.

How much is it?

$99 annual fee for 5 surveys with unlimited questions. Your survey and results dashboard will function for as long as your subscription is active. Additional options are available as add-on packages.

How do I get my results?

Results data from the survey is instantly available on the results dashboard which can be reached by logging into the site with the credentials established during setup.

How many questions is the survey?

Whats Up surveys consist of as many questions that you want to build and choose whatever answer pattern you want for each question. The survey also includes an opportunity for comment boxes so customers or employees can type in their responses.

How can I customize the survey?

Everything is pretty much custom with our easy to build survey tool. During survey setup, you will have the ability to include multiple types of survey resonses and build custom questions, which allows you to tailor the survey to your customer, client, employee, business or industry.

Does the dashboard allow for breakdowns by department?

Yes! When setting up your survey, you can add as many departments, groups or locations as needed for your organization. Surveyees will choose their department, group or location at the beginning of the survey.


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